Living the bike life in Münster
They say you should never stop learning and, at the beginning of your experience as an international student, the amount of information you receive could get even the best of us dazed and confused. From the different language to all the documents you have to get signed, from the new places around you to new […]
All Asian people aren’t Chinese…
The new semester is about to start in 1 week and I think it’s a good time to introduce myself (officially) and tell you a short story about the common stereotypes of Asian I’ve experienced while I live in Germany. Hello everyone, my name is Naritsara Khlangsombat, I’m 21 years old and I study Chemistry at […]
A Day in the Life of a ‘Pendler’
5:05am: Alarm Rings. Turn over ,,it’s time to get up’’. But oh, to get up in this October cold is an ordeal. Sets alarm for after 10 more minutes. 5:15am: Alarm rings. ,,Have to get up’’. The train leaves at 6:06am. 5:47am: Be out of the door (somehow) to take the Straßenbahn (Tram) at  5:51am. The […]
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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany. Each year DAAD, its Regional Branch Offices, its Information Centers, and DAAD Professors around the globe provide information and financial support to over 120,000 highly-qualified students and faculty for international research and study per year. Located in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto, DAAD North America is here to advise students, faculty and current DAAD fellows in the US and Canada. How can we help you?

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